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» The Journey Begins!
Posted by IcePets Day 298, Year 11 (13th Aug 21)
@ 09:42:11 IST


As the magical fog continues to spread throughout the Snowslide Mountains, and more Companions begin to flock the mountainsides each day, Gabrielle's curiosity only grows deeper.

What could this new source of magic mean for her Snow Jars? Could it help her improve her craft even further? What of these Companions gethering on Snowslide each day? Is there something deeper in these mountains that's drawing their attention? Whatever it is, this Dovu is determined to find out.

Mysterious Item Mysterious Item Mysterious Item

Want to join Gabrielle in her Snowslide Expedition? She's been hard at work making the necessary preparations for the past week, ever since the news of these strange happenings reached her ears. Though Gabrielle is not alone in her journey, she is heading into uncharted territory and could use all the help she can get from her fellow Terrafrostians. If you think you have what it takes, head over to the Sign-up page to let her know you'd like to help!

Mysterious Item Mysterious Item Mysterious Item

As a member of the expedition, you'll have a list of 10 tasks to complete each day. In addition to helping out Gabrielle uncover the mysterious happenings in Snowslide Mountains, you'll receive special rewards for every two tasks you complete.

Hurry and sign up while you still can; if her estimates are correct, Gabrielle and her fellow hikers are likely to find some answers by August 26th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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