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» A New Plushie and Some Apocalyptic Weapons
Posted by IcePets Day 275, Year 11 (21st Jul 21)
@ 08:47:35 IST

Raven And Walker Plush

A new Plushie is ready to join your collection! The Raven And Walker Plush, funded by @Lokki, is now available at the Plushie Palace. Your pets will be sure to love this adorable and unique Ratbe Plushie! If you're lucky, you can get them as a reward from the Book Quest, and in a week, they'll be requested by the Plushie Quest.

Viral Bomb Ruthless Scimitar Tattered Cloak Baleful Scythe

Some ominous new Battle Items are now available at the Battle Shop. The pestilence contained within Viral Bomb is nothing short of menacing, and the Ruthless Scimitar looks like it's straight from the battlefield! And when you wear the Tattered Cloak and bear the Baleful Scythe, you'll be a ghastly sight to behold!

You can get these apocalyptic Items as a reward from the Space Quest, and in a week, the Weapons Quest will be asking for them.

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