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» Tasty Onigiri
Posted by IcePets Day 245, Year 11 (21st Jun 21)
@ 13:34:43 IST

Lugra Onigiri Ori Onigiri Ridix Onigiri
Sharshel Onigiri Wulfer Onigiri Traptur Onigiri
Cobron Onigiri Makoat Onigiri Jakrit Onigiri
Dovu Onigiri Dabu Onigiri Trido Onigiri
Xephyr Onigiri Zabeu Onigiri Novyn Onigiri
Krittle Onigiri Audril Onigiri

You'll want to stock up on some soy sauce and wasabi, because there's a whole new line of delicious Pet Onigiris now available at the Glacial Grocer! These delicious treats are modeled in the likeness of all seventeen of Terrafrost's Pets -- the Lugra, Ori, Ridix, Sharshel, Wulfer, Traptur, Cobron, Makoat, Jakrit, Dovu, Dabu, Trido, Xephyr, Zabeu, Novyn, Krittle, and Audril Onigiris, so every Pet enthusiast can have something they'll enjoy. Some of them are also Gourmet, so collectors should be on the lookout! Thank you @Silvy for funding these!

You can get all of these Onigiris as a prize from the Candy Quest, and starting next week, the Space Quest will be looking for them!

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