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» It's Almost Time to Team Up!
Posted by IcePets Day 227, Year 11 (3rd Jun 21)
@ 16:09:46 IST

Blue Audril Plushie Green Trido Plushie Red Dovu Plushie Yellow Sharshel Plushie

As the days are getting warmer, we inch closer and closer to this year's Team Contest! For those who are new to this exciting event, you're in for a treat! This event is divided into four different teams: Team Blue Audril, Green Trido, Red Dovu, and Yellow Sharshel. When you sign up, you will be entered into a team at random to ensure that each one has an equal number of members. This event lasts for two weeks. Unlike previous competitions, the restocking and questing portions will last all the way from the beginning to the end, rather than one after the other.

Restocking Shopping Plush

To take part in the restocking competition, all you need to do is purchase items from any NPC Shop (except for the Golden Touch and Snow Jar Igloo). Points will be rewarded to your team based on the rarity of the Items you purchase. For example, a Rarity 1 item will grant you 1 point, while a Rarity 5 item will grant you 5 points. The higher the rarity, the more points you earn!

Quest Extender

In addition, questing will award points in a similar way. Each Quest you complete will earn your team 10 Points, and all daily Quest limits will be raised to 20! To give yourself a further advantage, you can also use Quest Extenders as usual.

Once you earn a fair amount of points for your team, you will be eligible to receive Team Credits. These can be used to purchase some fun and rare prizes at the Team Contest Shop. Keep a watch out for future News Posts, as the Sign Ups will be posted very soon!

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