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» A New Fairy Friend
Posted by IcePets Day 201, Year 11 (8th May 21)
@ 12:21:14 IST

Fairy Ridix

When you see a shooting star, do you ever find yourself wishing for a magical, glittery Pet? Consider your wish granted, because the new Fairy Ridix is as sparkly as can be! Funded by @Gnelmik, this stunning new Pet has made its grand arrival to Terrafrost and is ready to brighten up your day. They're full of energy and love to soar through the skies, so if you happen to get your hands on this Pet, be prepared for some adventures!

Fairy Ridix Morphing Potion

If you'd like to have the Fairy Ridix as your own, you'll need the Fairy Ridix Morphing Potion. Stop by the Snow Jar Igloo to see if they're in stock. In addition, the ICE Shop will be selling them until the end of May for only 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Users).


If you're in need of some cheering up, we have the perfect Companion for you! Jester, funded by @LollyX, is a goofy little furball who's guaranteed to brighten up you and your Pets' days. You can find them at Jacobi's Companion Reserve, so be sure to stop by when you get the chance!

Party Ducky

Get ready to party! A new Ducky has been released, and it's none other than the Party Ducky, funded by @Silvy! Whether you need a Ducky for every occasion or simply want to expand your collection, you certainly won't be disappointed with this newest addition. If you'd like this Ducky as a guest at your next birthday party, head on over to the Toy Trunk! You can also get it as a reward from the Plushie Quest, and the Space Quest will be looking for it as well in a week's time.

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