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» A Freshened-Up Fairy
Posted by IcePets Day 176, Year 11 (13th Apr 21)
@ 14:57:24 IST

Fairy Jakrit

The wings of the Fairy Jakrit are now shimmering more than ever, because they've gotten a makeover just in time for Novitaria! This adorable Pet, along with the Fairy Jakrit Morphing Potion, have been freshened up in our most recent round of spring cleaning. Take a moment to marvel at their stunning new designs!

Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion Fairy Jakrit Snow Jar

Do you want to have the newest, most festive Pet in Terrafrost? There's two ways to get it! First, you can obtain a Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion for the chance to receive a Fairy Jakrit Morphing Potion. Alternatively, you can cut out the middleman and purchase the Morphing Potion at the I.C.E. Shop for just 500 IC (450 for Gold Users). You'll want to act quickly, though, because it'll only be in stock until the end of April.

Be sure to click Ctrl+F5 or Fn+F5 for a hard refresh to see any updated images.

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