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» Revamped Stamps
Posted by IcePets Day 147, Year 11 (15th Mar 21)
@ 13:59:02 IST

Toy Trunk Stamp Glacial Grocer Stamp Gabrielle Stamp

Messaging Stamp Zekari Stamp

Our line of NPC Stamps have gotten a fresh new revamp! Take a look at the updated designs for the Toy Trunk Stamp (formerly Toy Shop Stamp), Hazel Stamp (formerly Food Shop Stamp), Gabrielle Stamp (formerly Gabrielle Ice Stamp), Messaging Stamp, and Zekari Stamp (formerly ICE NPC Stamp). If you don't already have them in your Stamp Collections, now's a better time than ever to start looking for them. As always, the first four can be found at the United Terrafrost Post Office while the Zekari Stamp can be found inside the Trivia Treasure Trove.

Employees Of Glacia

And the updates don't end there; remember the old "Book Of NPCs"? It's got a new title, cover, and updated content inside! If you'd like a refresher of all the hard-working shopkeepers of Glacia, look for the Employees Of Glacia at Ralph's Page Turners or pay a visit to your Library if you've already got this classic in your collection!

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