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» A Lucky-Ducky Day
Posted by IcePets Day 127, Year 11 (23rd Feb 21)
@ 16:31:08 IST

Black Ducky Brown Ducky Turquoise Ducky
White DuckyIce Ducky

It's time to get your ducks in a row, because we're releasing a huge batch of Ducky themed items, all of which have been brought to us by @Silvy! The first five Duckies we'll introduce are simple, solid colors; the Black Ducky, Brown Ducky, Turquoise Ducky, White Ducky, and the Ice Ducky. These charming little guys will look simply adorable on your bathroom shelves, and they can be purchased at the Toy Trunk. You can also get them as a reward from the Plushie Quest, and starting next week, the alien of the Space Quest will be looking for them.

Love Ducky Snowdrift Ducky Cottoncandy Ducky Cubed Ducky
Dreamworld Ducky Dead Evil Ducky

Up next are the Love Ducky, Snowdrift Ducky, Cottoncandy Ducky, Cubed Ducky, Dreamworld Ducky, and the Dead Evil Ducky. If you have Pets in these respective colors, they're sure to be the perfect gift. Like the solid colored Duckies, they can also be found at the Toy Trunk, rewarded by the Plushie Quest, and sought out by the Space Quest.

You Quack Me Up Stamp

Finally, there's one more Ducky-themed item left to introduce -- the You Quack Me Up Stamp! You definitely don't want this adorable stamp missing from your collection. This can be purchased by none other than the United Terrafrost Post Office.

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