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» An Alliance as Old as Terrafrost Itself...
Posted by IcePets Day 109, Year 11 (5th Feb 21)
@ 12:54:35 IST

Amourok Banner 1

The spirit of Amourok is in the air! Terrafrostians may have noticed an abundance of Ancient and Mythical Pets working together to prepare for the upcoming festivities. What better alliance could be found than in the wisdom of the Ancients and the whimsical nature of the Mythicals?

Dabu_Ancient.png Novyn_Mythical.png

Zeiss the Ancient Dabu, along with their dear friend Xaric the Mythical Novyn, have agreed that Amourok will be done a little differently this year. Instead of a battle between two opposing teams, it will be a celebration of peace and acceptance in spite of differences!

Amourok Banner 2

Decaffeinated CappuccinoCosy Trido Plush

Get ready for a weekend of questing, because the daily quest limit and prizes for the Book Quest has been doubled once again! Help stock up Penelope's library while you can, because the Book Quest will return to normal after February 7th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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