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» Plushies and Avatars Galore!
Posted by IcePets Day 63, Year 11 (21st Dec 20)
@ 16:29:57 IST

Christmas 1

Black Dovu PlushieBrown Traptur Plushie
Brown Zabeu PlushieCottoncandy Zabeu PlushieSnowdrift Zabeu Plushie

Now's a better time than ever to update your Plushie collections, because we have five new adorable additions just waiting to be cuddled! Starting today, you can get your very own Black Dovu, Brown Traptur, Brown Zabeu, Cottoncandy Zabeu, and Snowdrift Zabeu Plushies. You can find the Black Dovu and Brown Traptur Plushies at restocking at the Plushie Palace. However, the new Zabeu Plushes, along with all the other Basic Zabeu Plushes, have been moved from the Plot Store and found a new home over at the Quest Store where they will all be available for 150 Quest Points each. The Book Quest will also be rewarding the Black Dovu and Brown Traptur Plushies now, while Samuel over at the Plushie Quest will be looking for them in one week's time.

Red Dovu PlushieBlue Dovu PlushieYellow Dovu Plushie
Red Zabeu PlushieBlue Zabeu PlushieYellow Zabeu Plushie
Red Traptur PlushieBlue Traptur PlushieYellow Traptur Plushie

And that's not all! The basic colors of the Dovu, Zabeu, and Traptur Plushie series have all been given a fresh new design. Your Plushie collection will be looking sharper than ever!

Last but not least, nine Avatars featuring some Basic Colour Pets have also been updated! If you have the Ducky Love, Ducky Ducky Lugra, Ice Ice Baby, Pink Addicted, Shepherd, Spoiled Jakrit, True Rebel, Zabeu Tamer, and Unsurprising avatars in your collection, be sure to check out these spiffy new designs!

Ducky LoveDucky Ducky LugraIce Ice Baby
Pink AddictedShepherdSpoiled Jakrit
True RebelZabeu TamerUnsurprising

If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac.

Christmas 2

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