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Posted by IcePets Day 53, Year 11 (11th Dec 20)
@ 13:23:42 IST



It's Lahja's favourite time of the year! The Rainbow Krittle has been busy all month and is happy to announce that the annual Gift Exchange is open once more!

"It's been so busy here sending gifts to everyone's loved ones, you can certainly feel Generosity in the air this Aurestal season!" Lahja says happily, rolls of colourful wrapping paper tight in their arms, "I certainly hope you are able to get everything your heart desires this year. Thank you to all the wonderful Terrafrostians who make this possible year after year! It's been a fantastic addition to the festivities."

2622.pngHoliday Gift Center TrophyGifting Ice Cube

A reminder every User can select two items to wish for at the Gift Exchange. Users who choose to make or grant a wish will do so anonymously. If a wish has not been granted within three days you are free to ask for a different Item instead. Lahja will also be handing out trophies to any Terrafrostians who are able to grant wishes. It's important to know that participation is completely voluntary. The Gift Exchange will be closed on December 31, 23:59:59 IcePets Time so be sure to get your wishes in early!

Pet Collection Preview

Additionally, all Pet Collection pages have been updated so that they will work similarly to User Collection pages! You can now view all of your Pets' currently collected Items of each category alongside the Items that they are still missing. Hopefully this will help with any Pets who are seeking to complete their collections, or those who are searching for the perfect gift for a friend!


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