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    » News for 24th November 2020

» The Plushie Sharshel Joins The Family!
Posted by IcePets Day 36, Year 11 (24th Nov 20)
@ 13:37:31 IST

Plushie Sharshel

It's soft, it's cuddly, it's adorable -- and starting today, it can be yours! The Plushie Sharshel has finally joined Terrafrost, and it's just stitching to be your new best friend. Funded by @IcePrincess, this new Pet is super loyal and will never leave your side, and it's always in the mood to play! But do be gentle with them, because they may need patched up from time to time.

Plushie Sharshel Morphing Potion

If you want this wonderful new Pet to be a part of your family, just check the Snow Jar Igloo for the Plushie Sharshel Morphing Potion; they'll be stocked on the shelves every now and then. But if you don't want to wait, you can also head over to the ICE Shop by the end of the month and get one right away for only 500 IC (450 for Gold Account Users).

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