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Posted by IcePets Day 28, Year 11 (16th Nov 20)
@ 15:49:54 IST

Yellow Xephyr PlushieWhite Xephyr PlushieSnowdrift Xephyr Plushie

Red Xephyr PlushiePurple Xephyr PlushieOrange Xephyr Plushie

Green Xephyr PlushieBrown Xephyr PlushieBlue Xephyr Plushie

Grey Xephyr Plushie

The latest batch of Plushies to be updated with the revamped basic colours and new design are the Yellow, White, Snowdrift, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Brown, Blue and Grey Xephyr Plushies. With this many Xephyr Plushies in one location it almost feels like a real herd of them out in the wild! Good thing these ones don't need to be fed.

Turquoise Xephyr PlushiePink Xephyr PlushieIce Xephyr Plushie

Black Xephyr PlushieCottoncandy Xephyr Plushie

Adding to the group, Turquoise, Pink, Ice, Black and Cottoncandy Xephyr Plushies can now be collected. As with their counterparts they can be purchased from Plushie Palace. These will be rewarded from the Book Quest immediately, but in one week will be requested from the Plushie Quest.Hopefully these new additions fill you with happiness with each cuddle.

Yellow Novyn PlushieWhite Novyn PlushieTurquoise Novyn Plushie

Red Novyn PlushiePurple Novyn PlushiePink Novyn Plushie

Orange Novyn PlushieIce Novyn PlushieGrey Novyn Plushie

Green Novyn PlushieBlue Novyn PlushieBlack Novyn Plushie

Snowdrift Novyn PlushieCottoncandy Novyn PlushieBrown Novyn Plushie

In addition all basic Novyn Plushies have received an updated look to match the revamp as well. This includes the Yellow, White, Turquoise, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Ice, Grey, Green, Blue, Black, Snowdrift, Cottoncandy and Brown colours. Samuel promises the Plushies have only changed in colour, but they look decidedly much softer.

Black Snow Jar PlushBlue Snow Jar PlushBrown Snow Jar Plush

Cottoncandy Snow Jar PlushGreen Snow Jar PlushGrey Snow Jar Plush

Ice Snow Jar PlushOrange Snow Jar PlushPink Snow Jar Plush

Purple Snow Jar PlushRed Snow Jar PlushSnowdrift Snow Jar Plush

Turquoise Snow Jar PlushWhite Snow Jar PlushYellow Snow Jar Plush

Feeling it was time the basic Snow Jar Plushes got their recolour done to match the recent change, Samuel wasted no time getting these ready for Terrafrostians. The Black, Blue, Brown, Cottoncandy, Green, Grey, Ice, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Snowdrift, Turquoise, White and Yellow Snow Jar Plushes are readily available for anyone who may still need one for their collection -- or to simply stare at if preferred.

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