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» Wrapping up the Haunting
Posted by IcePets Day 12, Year 11 (31st Oct 20)
@ 10:56:48 IST

Haunted House

Terrafrostians are claiming the screams from the Haunted House have become more intense this year. Despite the horrors within -- as each successful participant returns, they are grinning wide while clutching their prize. In an effort to earn more smiles than screams, the Haunted House will be available once an hour all day today, October 31st, until 23:59:59 IcePets Time. Get your fright on!

Empty Haunting Treat BagSpooky Ghost PlushHaunting Sweater

The Haunted House is not the only activity ending tonight. Be sure to finish up any last minute Haunting, Grave Digging, or Ghost Hunting! All Phantasmoire events will be disappearing until next year. Things may be different for you on this Phantom's Hallows, but everyone can still have a great time following the rules of the local communities. We hope everyone has a safe Phantom's Hallows wherever they may be celebrating it this evening. Eat lots of candy, scare your friends, and be safe.

Masked Drama CostumeMakoat in a Ducky Costume PlushTraptur Ghost Costume

Don't forget to cast your vote on the costume design contest! The winning design will be turned into an IcePets Item and available on site. Voting ends November 2nd at 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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