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    » News for 13th October 2020

» Frightful New Look
Posted by IcePets Day 360, Year 10 (13th Oct 20)
@ 11:22:39 IST

Halloween 1

Phantasmoire Trido

The frightening new look of the Phantasmoire Trido is a sight you won't soon forget. These ghastly new Tridos always carry a brightly lit lamp, leading their friends through the dark, Phantasmoire nights. If a party has a scary costume contest, you can bet they stand a good chance at winning!

Halloween Trido Morphing Potion

Gabrielle is delighted to show off the new Phantasmoire Trido Morphing Potion from the Snow Jar Igloo as well. Stop in today if you want to add the Phantasmoire Trido to your collection!

Halloween 2

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