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» Glacial Surprises!
Posted by IcePets Day 347, Year 10 (30th Sep 20)
@ 12:49:10 IST

Keepsake Misadventures

Thanks to the wonderful creative efforts of our fellow Terrafrostians, Ralph was finally able to put together the brand new Keepsake Misadventures featuring a story written through everyone's combined work! As promised, all participants will receive their own copy of the book. It will also be restocking over at Ralph's Page Turners if you want to grab some extra copies to share! The Weapons Trido will be rewarding these at the Weapons Quest as well, while Penelope will be looking for some copies for the Book Quest in a week's time.

Welcoming StampFrozen Collectives Emporium StampGlacial Grocer Stamp

A few of the Glacia shopkeepers have also got some brand new items stocking their shelves! The United Terrafrost Post Office got a huge shipment of new stamps for you to collect - the Welcoming Stamp, Frozen Collectives Emporium Stamp, Glacial Grocer Stamp and Mythical Novyn Statue Stamp are now available for purchase. Yogi also threw in the new Postal Coin as well, for any inquisitive Coin collectors!

Mythical Novyn Statue StampPostal Coin

Meatloaf SnowdinChicken SnowdinVeggie Snowdin

Meanwhile, Hazel has been settling in well to her new role at the Glacial Grocer and is ready to introduce some tasty new products. The hearty Meatloaf, Chicken and Veggie Snowdin meals can be found exclusively at the Glacial Grocer, along with the hot new Sharshel Paw Puffs and Glacial Grocer Sparkling Water! The Candy Quest will be rewarding all of these new products for completing their quests, while the Space Quest will be looking to get them in one week.

Sharshel Paw PuffsGlacial Grocer Sparkling Water

We would like to say thank you again to all of the Terrafrostians that helped put together our very first community made story! We had a blast reading through it and we hope that everyone had fun with this creative exercise. Everyone who contributed to the story will also receive the Snow Contestant Trophy, as well as the one randomly raffled User who will receive one copy of all of these new items!

Snow Contestant Trophy

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