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» Community Made Story Contest
Posted by IcePets Day 334, Year 10 (17th Sep 20)
@ 11:24:43 IST

Pencil PlushNotebook Plush

Get ready to break out your thinking caps because it's time for a little Community Made Story Contest! Ever since Terrafrostians all over the globe worked hard to rebuild our beloved Glacia, we would love to see everyone work together to collectively write our own story.

A Staff member will start off the thread with the first line for the story. In order to participate, you must come up with the next sentence for the story and reply to the thread with your sentence. The next commenter must then provide the next sentence following the last commentor's sentence, and so forth. Remember, your sentence must build on the most recent commentor's contribution, not just the first post, in order to create a community made story. You do not need to sign up to participate, you only need to reply to this thread with your contributions. Everyone is free to participate!

Thinking CapUnsigned Letter

Rule 1 - Staff will provide the first sentence.
Rule 2 - No more than 3 sentences per User in one post.
Rule 3 - Each sentence must be at least 35 characters long.
Rule 4 - Contributions must be kept PG-13.
Rule 5 - Make sure the sentence you add makes sense, and follows the story coherently.
Rule 6 - Your addition must be related to IcePets in some form.
Rule 7 - Contributions must be posted in this News thread to be counted.
Rule 8 - Multiple contributions from one User are allowed, but you must wait for another User to contribute after your entry before you contribute again.
Rule 9 - If an contribution is disqualified, a member of Staff will edit the User's post and message them.

Snow Participation TrophyGlacia Snowglobe

All participants will receive a Snow Contestant Trophy as well as a copy of the future Book Item made based on everyone's contributions. Additionally, each entry that you contribute to the story will be included in a raffle after the contest is over for a chance to win some more brand new Items! All contributions must be posted in this thread by September 22nd, 2020 at 23:59:59 IcePets time.

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