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» Step Right up and Claim Your Prizes
Posted by IcePets Day 321, Year 10 (4th Sep 20)
@ 09:19:14 IST


Now that the last of the cleanup in Glacia has been complete, Hazel and the other shopkeepers are excited to announce that the rewards are ready to be distributed! All Users who qualified for either Top, Middle or Low Tier prizes will be able to collect their winnings by visiting the "Collect Prizes" page. Users in the Middle and Low Tier will have received one random collection Item directly to their collection. Top Tier Users must submit a Support Ticket to receive a Stamp, Ice Cube, or Gourmet Food Item of their choice, excluding the Scarab Amulet and Golden Competitor Stamp.

Beach Hat DuckyHazel Figurine

Along with the rewards from the main goal, Samuel was able to order new stock for his store. To celebrate, the Toy Trunk will be releasing five new Items, restocking now! You can find the Beach Hat Ducky and Hazel Figurine stocking the shelves along with the new Yellow, Blue and Red Ducky Trading Card set. Samuel will be rewarding all of these new Items over at the Plushie Quest, while the Space Quest will be looking for all of them in one week.

Yellow Ducky Trading CardBlue Ducky Trading CardRed Ducky Trading Card

All Top Tier players will randomly receive two of the new Items while all Middle Tier players will randomly receive one of the new Items. Additionally, everyone who helped rebuild Glacia will automatically be entered in a raffle, where five full sets will be raffled off to five random participants. Top or Middle Tier players are also eligible as winners for the raffle.

New Year ConfettiAccount Upgrade: 1 MonthNew Year Confetti

On top of the Toy Trunk's new stock, the shopkeepers were able to work together and grant participants a few days of Gold Account! If you are a Top Tier player, you will receive 3 Gold Account Days, if you are a Middle Tier player, you will receive 2 Gold Account Days and if you are a Low Tier player, you will receive 1 Gold Account Days. The Gold Account will be activated on your account once you claim your prize!


As an extra "thank you", some talented Terrafrostian artists have come together and created the brand new Winter Wonderland Profile Skin to celebrate the grand occasion! All those who participated, even if they did not reach a Tier, will be able to collect the Winter Wonderland Profile Skin from the Event Page.


Once again, the residents of Glacia would like to thank everyone for their hard work over the past few weeks. It was a tough grind, but Hazel and her fellow shopkeepers are very happy that they were able to revitalize their little, old town and breathe some new life into the heart of Terrafrost! All of your hard earned rewards can be obtained from the Event Page, so remember to check in and claim your prizes on the "Collect Prizes" page!

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