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Posted by IcePets Day 297, Year 10 (11th Aug 20)
@ 08:22:27 IST

Apple TeapotAries Stamp

With harvest season slowly approaching, it looks like one Terrafrostian is ahead of the game! Toys will be stocking a cute new the Apple Teapot, funded by @Shibe. It brews tea as well as any other teapot, with the addition of being adorable! There will also be a new Aries Stamp, funded by @Travis, stocking in the Post Office. If you ever wanted to have a piece of the sky to yourself, or to give that piece to a friend, now is your chance! Samuel was first in line to grab a couple of crates with these teapots inside and will be rewarding them in the Plushie Quest, while the Space Quest will be looking for them in one week's time!

Item Requester Trophy

If there is an item you just have to have on lovely Terrafrost, you can head over to the Support Site and create an item of your own!

10 Inventory Upgrade5 Inventory Upgrade

We are very excited to announce the release of the new Inventory page! Upon visiting your Inventory, you will notice that the page has received a brand new look along with a few new features! You will now have the ability to search your Inventory for specific Items, filter your Inventory Items by their Item Category, as well as choosing how many Items to show per page. We hope that these changes will help make your Inventory management a much smoother experience!

If you would still like to access the old version of the Inventory page, it will be avaiable here for a limited time. This version of the Inventory will be removed in about a month's time and will be fully replaced with the new Inventory. If you are experiencing any issues with the new Inventory page, please be sure to report them over on our Site Glitches forum section so that they can be addressed as soon as possible.

Glacia Snowglobe

Last but not least, we have temporarily increased the Inventory space for all users for the duration of the Glacia Rebuilding event. Happy shopping!

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