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    » News for 6th August 2020

» Attention! Glacia Disaster!
Posted by IcePets Day 292, Year 10 (6th Aug 20)
@ 16:53:39 IST

Frozen Snowman TearsPlow Truck Ice CubeLife of a Snowflake

We are deeply saddened by recent events, as it seems the rumblings and extra snow piling up were more dangerous than originally anticipated. Deep rumblings and loud noises woke most of Terrafrost last night, as Glacia suffered a terrible disaster. After some further research, it looks like the old mine shafts under Glacia caved in, causing an avalanche that covered Glacia in snow. Thankfully, no one was hurt.


However, many of the buildings were partially or fully destroyed, putting all of Glacia's shopowners in a difficult situation. One of Bob's long time friend and supplier, Hazel, will be visiting Glacia to help her friend and the other Shopowners begin rebuilding. However, due to the massive damages and need for a new foundation, Terrafrosts most popular shopping area is in danger of closing forever. The Shopowners, represented by Bob and Hazel, have issued a statement. They would like to ask for the help of Terrafrostian's in their time of need.


They will be selling what stock they were able to save and what could be delivered after some paths were cleared. All IcePoints spent in Glacia stores will go towards rebuilding Glacia and the stores that were destroyed. The Banker will also be accepting donations, with a capped amount each day. After all, it'll be rather difficult to process too many donations with his Bank building in shambles. Additionally, each day, one Shopowner will have special requests for a few certain items. The regular IcePoint value of the item will be donated to the main goal.

Trido Piggy BankBag of IcePoints

The Shopowners estimate it will take 125 million IcePoints to get Glacia back in working order. This is a huge amount, but they believe in Terrafrost and its wonderful inhabitants! It will take some time for the Shopkeepers to prepare and make sure all pathways are safe. They believe preparations will be competed on August 7th, so please check back!

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