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Posted by IcePets Day 283, Year 10 (28th Jul 20)
@ 09:52:57 IST

New Years ConfettiConfetti PopperNew Years Confetti

Terrafrostians really did it to them this year with all of their amazing memes! Now that the votes are tallied, it is time to see who's number one!

Third Place Meme

3rd Place:@whereisthend
- Bronze Contestant Trophy
- 100 Team Credits for one Team Contest team of your choice (Excluding Winner Credits)
- 100,0000 IcePoints

Second Place Meme

2nd Place:@Sumasuun
- Silver Contestant Trophy
- 100 Team Credits for two Team Contest teams of your choice (Excluding Winner Credits)
- 150,000 IcePoints

First Place Meme

1st Place: @WidgetWings
- Gold Contestant Trophy
- Gold Contestant Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- 150 Team Credits for all Team Contest teams (Excluding Winner Credits)
- 200,000 Icepoints

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this Meme Contest! Thank you for bringing fun and laughter to us all. For our second and third place winners please create a Support Ticket with your team decision.

Gold Competitor TrophySilver Competitor TrophyBronze Competitor Trophy


Member of the Month voting for this month is ending soon! Wherever you are in Terrafrost, don't forget to head to the nearest voting booth and cast your vote for Member of the Month (MOTM for short)! Terrafrostians can vote for up to three Users to win 100,000 IcePoints and the Member of the Month Avatar.

Member of the Month Avatar

Two winners will be chosen each month. One lucky new winner will be honoured with Yet to Win MOTM, for those who have yet to be recognised for their community contribution. Then there is the Free for All MOTM, which includes all members except Staff, for those long-time members who deserve another tip of the hat. For those who have already won MOTM, you will receive the Honoured Member Trophy.

Honoured Member Trophy

- You cannot nominate yourself or members of Staff.
- Do not ask other Users to vote for yourself or other members.
- You may vote for up to three Users per month.
- Send your nominations here!

You can submit your vote any time during the month, and have until the end of the month to do so. Winners will be announced on the first of next month!


Silvy AvatarNexinhah AvatarIcePrincess Avatar

Have you been wanting to order a Custom Avatar? Good news, they have been reopened! Feel free to request a new Avatar to describe your style or order a new one to add to your budding collection.

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