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» Even More Refurbished Plushies
Posted by IcePets Day 269, Year 10 (14th Jul 20)
@ 12:14:53 IST

Blue Wulfer PlushieGreen Wulfer PlushieRed Sharsehl PlushieYellow Sharshel Plushie

It looks like Plushie Mania added some newly updated plushie to their shelves. The Wulfer Plushie and Sharshel Plushie spruced up their looks to match up with the other newly update plushies.

Black Wulfer PlushieBrown Wulfer Plushie

In addition, the Wulfer Plushies have also received a new Black and Brown version to complete the set! Penelope will be giving them out as rewards at the Book Quest, while the Plushie Quest will be looking for these in one week's time. If you haven't added these to your collection, or even just your toy chest, you should head down and pick them up today!

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