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» Get your Refreshingly Cool Memes Here
Posted by IcePets Day 265, Year 10 (10th Jul 20)
@ 10:47:09 IST

Confetti 1

As many of us know, browsing through memes has become a huge trend on the internet. For many memes, they come and go as quickly as ice melting on a hot day. So, before the summer sun is out in full force, lets show off some great Terrafrost memes with our returning Meme Contest! With the past month's Team Contest still fresh on our minds, it will also be the theme of this contest with memes that relate in some way to this event. Terrafrostians will vote on their favourites. The contest will end on July 18th, 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) so make sure you get your submssions in on time!

From well known to strange and abstract, we accept all forms of meme! You can view a wonderfully chill example below:

Meme Example 2020


1. Work must be entirely your own. Please do not trace original artwork or use Google images, but image manipulation of IcePets art to create graphics is acceptable.
2. One entry per User.
3. Feel free to get creative! You can use existing IcePets art or draw your own, but it must be a meme or parody of a meme!
4. Art must be kept PG-13. For example, you may show two Pets holding hands or kissing, but not overt innuendo; you may show blood, weapons, or mild violence, but not gore or dismembered limbs, etc. All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.
5. Keep your entries private and please don't share with other Users!
6. Staff reserve the right to dismiss a submission if it is hard to view or appears no work was involved.
7. Your entry must be uploaded to an image sharing site and sent to mochihugs by July 18th, 23:59:59 (IcePets time). It does not matter where or how you upload it.
8. All entries must pertain to the Team Contest event. Anyone can submit a meme, even if they did not participate in the Team Contest.

Gold Contestant TrophySilver Contestant TrophyBronze Contestant Trophy


1st Place
- Gold Contestant Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- 150 Team Credits for all Team Contest teams (Excluding Winner Credits)
- 200,000 Icepoints

Second Place
- Silver Contestant Trophy
- 100 Team Credits for two Team Contest teams of your choice (Excluding Winner Credits)
- 150,000 IcePoints

Third Place
- Bronze Contestant Trophy
- 100 Team Credits for one Team Contest team of your choice (Excluding Winner Credits)
- 100,0000 IcePoints

Confetti 2

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