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» The Results are In
Posted by IcePets Day 249, Year 10 (24th Jun 20)
@ 08:52:56 IST

That's a wrap, everybody!
Sqwenda is sending us final tallies now. They would like to let everyone know what an amazing contest this year was. Now, let's take a look at the final standings.

Taking 4th place is...

Team Red Dovu Banner

Team Red Dovu with 26,098 Total Points!

Bringing up 3rd place is...

Team Blue Audril Banner

Team Blue Audril with 49,533 Total Points!

In 2nd place we have...

Team Yellow Sharshel Banner

Team Yellow Sharshel with 76,340 Total Points!


And our grand winners, in 1st place is...

Team Green Trido Banner

Team Green Trido with 87,109 Total Points! CONGRATULATIONS!


There was a total of 93,207,403 IcePoints spent on 78,291 Items and a total of 15,589 quests completed during the course of this contest!
We would like to give everyone who participated a huge thank you for working hard for your respective teams. It was a real treat to watch this year's Team Contest, and we hope you will be joining us again next year! Make sure to keep an eye on the news, as information about prizes will be posted shortly.

Restocking Shopping PlushChampion Battle Banner

We will also be announcing the top restockers and questers! Thank you again from all the shopkeepers, quest givers, and Sqwenda!

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