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Posted by IcePets Day 247, Year 10 (22nd Jun 20)
@ 09:42:09 IST

Team Blue Audril StockpalGreen SpardTeam Red Dovu StockpalYellow Stockpal

Sqwenda is very excited about how this year's Team Contest is turning out! They wanted everyone to know they are cheering from the sidelines for each team. Don't give up now! The contest will officially end at June 23rd 23:59:59 IcePets Time, so you still have time to earn points for your team. For everyone watching, here are the team's current standings.

Currently in 4th place is...

Team Red Dovu Banner

Team Red Dovu with 24,638 points earned!

Bringing up 3rd place is...

Team Blue Audril Banner

Team Blue Audril with 45,526 points earned!

In 2nd place we have...

Team Yellow Sharshel Banner

Team Yellow Sharshel with 72,155 points earned!

And in 1st place is...

Team Green Trido Banner

Team Green Trido with 81,285 points earned!

Decked Out BurgerGolden Competitor StampDrinking Helmet

For those of you giving 110%, we have a special prize. The top three scorers will earn a Golden Competitor Stamp. Everyone who participated will also receive Team Credits and the winning team will receive Winner Credits as well. Points are awarded based on your individual participation, so make sure to rack up those points! These points can be spent at the Team Contest Store, run by the lovely Sqwenda.

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