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Posted by IcePets Day 235, Year 10 (10th Jun 20)
@ 01:22:16 IST

Team Blue Audril PopcornTeam Green Sharshel Foam FingerTeam Red Dovu PopcornTeam Yellow Sharshel Foam Finger

Sqwenda's shop is fully stocked and they are waving four different flags on the sidelines. That means the Team Contest is underway! Signs are being posted all over Terrafrost with the team names and members, and we managed to snag one for this news post. If you joined, you can find your team below! Each team member will have their respective Team's avatar, profile skin, and fourm title. Team Banners can also be displayed on profiles and in signatures!

These have all received a fresh look so be sure to click Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5 to do a hard refresh and see the changes. As always, the old versions of these images can be found over on our Image Archives if you want to see them.


Team Blue Audril

Team Green Trido

Team Red Dovu


Team Yellow Sharshel

As a reminder, the first portion of this year's Team Contest will be restocking. You can earn points for your team by purchasing any items from NPC stores, except Golden Touch. Higher rarity items are worth more points, so empty out those shops! The restocking portion will last one week, ending on June 17th, which will be followed immediatly by the Questing portion of the event. Good luck! For everyone else, sit back, enjoy your popcorn, and enjoy our annual Team Contest!

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