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    » News for 2nd June 2020

» Coming Soon, Team Contest Sign Ups
Posted by IcePets Day 227, Year 10 (2nd Jun 20)
@ 09:23:21 IST

Shrimp CocktailWinner's Cheque

The summer sun is here and that means this year's Team Contest is almost underway! If you've participated in previous years, you know how this goes. For those who have never joined up, now is your chance. As always, there will be four teams.You will be randomly placed on Team Blue Audril, Green Trido, Red Dovu, or Yellow Sharshel. Anyone is welcome to join and there is no limit to the number of contestants. Each member counts, so don't be afraid to join!

Team Blue Audril Pom BombsTeam Green Trido FlagTeam Red Dovu Pom BombsTeam Yellow Sharshel Flag

There will be a slight change to our typical restocking contest. This year, the first week will be dedicated to restocking. You can purchase Items from any NPC shop, with the exception of Golden Touch, and earn points for your team. Item points will be awarded based on rarity. For example, a Rarity 1 item will grant you 1 point, while a Rarity 5 item will grant you 5 points. The higher the rarity, the more points you earn!

Restock Shopping PlushBracket Betting Stamp

The second week of the contest will be devoted to questing. Each completed quest will earn your team five points. Questing limits for all quests will be doubled and you will still be able to use Quest Extenders. As always, you must participate to a reasonable extent to be eligible for Team Credits. They can be used in Team Contest Shop to purchase some rare prizes, so don't miss out. Sign ups will be posted soon. Further updates will be posted in the news, so check back reguarly.

Melting CoinWabbyBeach Ready Wulfer Figurine

The seasons are changing, and with them, the Token Booth stock has swapped over! Welcome the brand new Melting Coin, Wabby, and Beach Ready Wulfer Figurine, which can all be purchased with tokens.

Summer Goodie Bag

If you missed out on any of the older Summer Token Booth Items, you can try to find one in the Summer Goodie Bag.

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