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    » News for 23rd May 2020

» Elemental Fairies and... Tomato Soup?
Posted by IcePets Day 217, Year 10 (23rd May 20)
@ 10:41:51 IST

Space Fairy PlushieWind Fairy PlushieIce Fairy PlushieEarth Fairy Plushie

We have a wonderful new addition to Plushie Mania, thanks to @Cibola! A new flock of friends will be adorning the shelves soon, so keep an eye out for the Space, Wind, Ice, and Earth Fairy Plushie. Samuel will be on the lookout for these friends for his Plushie Quest in one week and Penelope will reward them from the Book Quest.

Tomato Soup Stamp

We also have a new addition to the Post Office, also funded by @Cibola. You can add the Tomato Soup Stamp to your collection or stick it on a letter and mail it to a friend! Soup lovers all over Terrafrost would be very excited to receive one of these in the mail. So, make sure to pick up one, or even a whole pack! The Candy Quest will be giving out this lovely little stamp, while the Space Quest will be looking for it in one week's time!

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