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Posted by IcePets Day 213, Year 10 (19th May 20)
@ 09:03:51 IST

Bear TrapBroken SwordWooden ShieldVenus Fly Trap

Friendliness and tight-knit communities are easy to find on Terrafrost, but there are many ways that friendships are formed! Sometimes, that's by the steel of a sword. Tridoes are well known for being strategists and mastering many fighting techniques, so they will be very excited to see some new weapon designs! The Bear Trap, Broken Sword, Wooden Shield and Venus Fly Trap are sporting new looks. As always, you can pick them up at the Battle Shop or as a possible prize from the Space Quest. A certain War Trido is also very excited to see these updated weapons, so make sure to visit the Weapons Quest.

Sharshel Shell Bomb

The previously know Turtle Shell Bomb also got a new look and is being renamed to the Sharshel Shell Bomb. Not to worry, though. No Sharshels were harmed in the making of this explosive weapon! You can also pick a few of these bombs up at the Battle Shop or the Space Quest and find them requested in the Weapons Quest.

If you have trouble viewing the new artwork, try clicking Ctrl+F5 or Fn+F5 for a hard refresh.

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