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» Wow, How Cute!
Posted by IcePets Day 209, Year 10 (15th May 20)
@ 19:56:07 IST

Snow Contestant TrophyLove Snow Jar

We would like to say thank you to all of the Terrafrostians that showed us what their Pets adore! We truly enjoyed reading and seeing what makes your Pets happy. Everyone who posted about their Pet will received the Snow Contestant Trophy and a Love Snow Jar as a thank you gift, as well as the one randomly chosen User who will receive a Treasure Chest as well!

Bowl of Walnuts Bathtub Buggie

If you are in the mood for a healthy snack, @IcePrincess funded a Bowl of Walnuts for all your nutty needs. You can pick up your own bowl at Food Mall. Also, Niel from the Space Quest will be requesting the Bowl of Walnuts in one week and the Chocolate Quest will be rewarding it. But, if you are more interested in having a friend to share a snack with, @catboy funded Bathtub Buggie! You can add one of these cuties to your family by heading over to the Companion Reserve.

Sweet Dreams Rattie Plush

Everyone knows having a bad dream can ruin a good nights sleep. Now, you can pick up a adorable remedy from Plushie Mania! Staring today, you can find the Sweet Dreams Rattie Plush lining the shelves, thanks to funding by @Lokki! Samuel from the Plushie Quest can't wait to get his paws on one, so they will be request in one week. Penelope, who runs the Book Quest will add the Sweet Dreams Rattie Plush to her rewards.

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