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Posted by IcePets Day 206, Year 10 (12th May 20)
@ 17:34:45 IST

Half Eaten Ice CubeMath Ice CubeSuper Computer Chip Ice CubeGolden Star Ice Cube

It looks like Jacob, owner of the Frozen Collective Emporium, ordered an updated look for some Ice Cubes! The Half Eaten Ice Cube, Math Ice Cube, Super Computer Chip Ice Cube, and the Gold Star Ice Cube have all received some fresh, new looks and will be available for purchase at the Frozen Collective Emporium, with the Super Computer Chip Ice Cube restocking at the exclusive Golden Touch.

Galactic Ice Cube

Also, the formally know Plastic Galactic Ice Cube will now be known as the Galactic Ice Cube. It also received a new look, so go check it out over at the Quest Store!

If you have trouble viewing the new artwork, try clicking Ctrl+F5 or Fn+F5 for a hard refresh.

Staff StaffZen Code MonkeyStaff Ice Cube

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