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» Refurbished Plushies
Posted by IcePets Day 199, Year 10 (5th May 20)
@ 10:01:49 IST

Plushie AudrilPlushie Cobron

With the recent waves of old Plushie Item updates, it seems like some Plushie Pets didn't want to get left in the dust. The Plushie Audril, Cobron, Dabu, Jakrit and Ori have all come out with a brand new look! Some opted for a few minor touch ups, while others have received a complete makeover, but rest assured these Plushie Pets are all excited to show off their new, refurbrished styles.

Plushie DabuPlushie Jakrit

Plushie Ori

To celebrate these new changes, Gabrielle also made some modifications to her Snow Jar Igloo stock. The Plushie Dabu, Jakrit, and Ori Morphing Potions also been revised! If you've been itching to get one of these cuddly Pets in your closet, now is a great time.

Plushie Dabu Morphing PotionPlushie Jakrit Morphing PotionPlushie Ori Morphing Potion

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