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» Microbe Plushies Arrive in Terrafrost
Posted by IcePets Day 184, Year 10 (20th Apr 20)
@ 14:02:32 IST

Blue Microbe PlushieGreen Microbe PlushieYellow Microbe PlushieRed Microbe Plushie

With the world tucked away indoors, these adorable little Microbe Plushies have come to the land of Terrafrost. The very generous @Mongolou funded them, so everyone on IcePets can enjoy these lovely new plushies.

Orange Microbe PlushiePink Microbe PlushiePurple Microbe PlushieTurquoise Microbe Plushie

There are 12 to collect: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Tech, Pirate, Rainbow and the special Angry Storm Microbe Plushie. All the Microbe Plushies restock at Plushie Mania and will be given out as rewards by the Book Quest. Keep your eye on Samuel, though, as he'll be after them for his Plushie Quest in a week's time.

Tech Microbe PlushiePirate Microbe PlushieRainbow Microbe PlushieAngry Storm Microbe Plushie

If you'd like to have a go at requesting your own IcePets items, you can do that here. Stay safe, and enjoy all that extra time to play IcePets.

Item Bundle Requester Trophy

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