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» Novitaria Ends Tomorrow
Posted by IcePets Day 181, Year 10 (17th Apr 20)
@ 09:10:33 IST

Snowdrift NoviteggMisty Isle NoviteggPink Sharshel Novitegg

As spring rolls merrily along, Terrafrost is still in the throes of celebrating Novitaria. Jakrits are everywhere, and even the Dovus are looking more and more like chicks. I guess they ate too many chocolate Noviteggs! Noviteggs are restocking with even lower rarity. Lower rarity means they appear in shops more often. More Noviteggs for you! However, the Novitaria event ends tomorrow, so it's your last chance to grab those Noviteggs and all the lovely goodies inside.

Be sure to collect all the points you can for the Novitaria 2020 Trophies. You'll have to do this today, as Novitaria is ending on April 18th. That's tomorrow!

Colouring BookGolden Competitor StampRandomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion

With all the festivities winding down, don't forget the colouring contest is ending soon! If you want a chance to win some great prizes be sure to submit your picture to Nexinhah by April 21st, 23:59:59 (IcePets time).

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