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» Prank Time!
Posted by IcePets Day 167, Year 10 (3rd Apr 20)
@ 09:22:59 IST

Prankster Sharshel

It must be Prankster Day! No? It seems like this Prankster Sharshel is here to stay. Adopt one of your own by tracking down the infamous Prankster Pie! It can be found in the Suspicious Present which will be temporarily restocking in all NPC shops except Golden Touch and the Snow Jar Igloo. You can also get the pie itself from Sugar Rush, as usual, though you may find that it's rarity has been lowered for a short time.

Prankster PieSuspicious Present

You can get the Suspicious Present as a reward from any quests except the Collector and the Beauty King. Remember, due to these mischevious pets, you can't get a Morphing Potion or Snow Jar to get a Prankster pet. So keep an eye out for suspicious-looking presents and low-flying pies! Don't forget presents are only available until April 10th and the Prankster Pie's rarity will return to normal.

Prankster Dabu Plushie

Looks like the Prankster Sharshel wasn't the only surprise as had in store, as the adorable new Prankster Dabu Plushie has decided to join the fun! This little fellow, requested by @JohnDoe, can be found restocking at Plushie Mania and will be rewarded by Penelope at the Book Quest as well. The Plushie Quest will begin requesting this item in one week's time.

Item Requester Trophy

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