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» And The Winners Are!
Posted by IcePets Day 163, Year 10 (30th Mar 20)
@ 08:23:14 IST


Well done to everyone who entered the Seasonal Cleaning poetry contest! After gathering up all the votes, it's time to see which poems came out on top. Without further ado, here are our winners!

Bronze Contestant Trophy

In 3rd Place, we have @petshopgirl! You have won:

- Bronze Contestant Trophy
- Woodland Snow Jar
- 100,000 IcePoints

Silver Contestant Trophy

In 2nd Place, is @Tetsam! You've earned:

- Silver Contestant Trophy
- Woodland Snow Jar
- 150,000 IcePoints

Gold Contestant Trophy

And in 1st Place, is @Cibola! You've earned:

- Gold Contestant Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- Woodland Snow Jar
- 200,000 IcePoints

Congratulations to you all! I hope you didn't neglect any of your own seasonal cleaning to write, although we're secretly glad you did.

Thank you to everyone who participated and for sharing your work with us. All of the entries will be collected together in an IcePets book that you'll be able to read to your pets in the near future!


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