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Posted by IcePets Day 158, Year 10 (25th Mar 20)
@ 12:05:44 IST

Red Dabu PlushieBlue Dabu PlushieYellow Dabu PlushieGreen Dabu Plushie

Look at these adorable revampled plushies! They've come to Terrafrost just in time to match their larger counterparts - the pets! All the basic colours of Dabu Plushies and Audril Plushies have been revamped, just like the basic colour pets themselves previously.

Brown Audril PlushieBlack Audril Plushie

Along with the new look, the brand new Brown Audril Plushie and Black Audril Plushie have been added to Patchley's stock. These will restock at Plushie Mania, and given out as rewards in the Book Quest. You can be sure Samuel will want to collect them over at the Plushie Quest in one week too!

If you can't see the new art, don't panic, do a hard refresh with Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5 and it should come up for you.

Enjoy collecting these lovely plushies!

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