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» Ducks Galore
Posted by IcePets Day 153, Year 10 (20th Mar 20)
@ 11:45:33 IST

Bottle Cap Ducky StampSprinkles in a Ducky BottleDucky Necklace

Is it time for a game of hook-a-duck? Because all I'm seeing is ducks, ducks, ducks!

The Bottle Cap Ducky Stamp restocks at the Post Office, the Sprinkles in a Ducky Bottle restocks at Sugar Rush and the Ducky Necklace restocks at the Grooming Parlour. The Polka Dot Ducky restocks at the Toy Shop along with all its ducky friends and the Ducky in a Bottle Figurine.

Polka Dot DuckyDucky in a Bottle Figurine

If you're more into questing than restocking, you'll find some of these new ducky Items through quests too. The Polka Dot Ducky and the Ducky in a Bottle Figurine are given out as prizes from the Plushie Quest and they will be requested at the Space Quest in one week. Sprinkles in a Ducky Bottle will be requested by the Candy Quest in one week, and is a prize from the Snowman Quest.

These lovely new Items were all funded by the generous @Silvy. If you want to fund your own items for IcePets, you can submit a request here.

Enjoy the duck hunt!

Slimy PresentSaliva Face Cream

Ew. What's this? Our resident NPC Shop Keepers have found some extra slimy things entering their shops. While they work on cleaning their shops, you might want to grab a Slimy Present while you can! You will not find this Item at Golden Touch or the Snow Jar Igloo. The rarity has been increased for the two weeks you will be able to restock it.

Hygiene HelpsFurcare Soap

We want to help reinforce how important it is to practice social distancing as much as your lifestyle allows! While we understand not everyone can stay home, we hope you are all able to help comply with your local community guidelines to stay safe and healthy. Hygiene Helps which is obtained from the Slimy Present can be a fun resource to help those interested in learning more about healthy hygiene to help prevent illnesses from spreading!

Account Upgrade: 1 MonthsQuest Extender

To help provide some entertainment for the next two weeks all quests will be doubled meaning you can now do 20 a day instead of 10! We are also providing two weeks of a free Gold Account by clicking here. You can receive the Gold Account until March 31st 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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