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Posted by IcePets Day 152, Year 10 (19th Mar 20)
@ 11:33:45 IST

Sky Makeup Palette Natural Makeup Palette Cheeky Makeup Palette

If you love dolling yourself up or are excited to try, you'll find some fun new items in the Grooming Parlour! The Natural Makeup Palette, Sky Makeup Palette, Cheeky Makeup Palette, Majestic Makeup Palette, and Glitter Makeup Palette can be found adorning the shelves, staring today.

Toy Makeup KitDress Up Plushie

If applying makeup isn't in your wheelhouse, you can check out the new Toy Makeup Kit and the Dress Up Plushie! These Items can be found in the Toy Shop and the Plushie Mania respectively. Have fun experimenting and using your imagination with them! Additionally, Niel with the Space Quest will ask for the Toy Makeup Kit in one week's time, and it will be rewarded by Plushie Quest. Samuel from the Plushie Quest will be on the look out for the Dress Up Plushie in one week's time and Penelope might reward you with one after completing a Book Quest.

Majestic Makeup PaletteGlitter Makeup Palette

As a reminder, we are still collecting entries for the Poetry Contest! If you need a refresher, you can check out the March Poetry Contest page. You can send your entries to mochihugs before March 23rd.

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