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» Something in the Woods
Posted by IcePets Day 149, Year 10 (16th Mar 20)
@ 14:09:08 IST

Woodland JakritWoodland Jakrit Morphing Potion

We have just been informed that the Woodland Jakrit changed quite a bit over the winter months. Some Terrafrostians have mentioned that these woodland critters have a particular knack for hiding things, so be careful with your belongings. While a little of the magic has gone away, it seems that it is being put to good use elsewhere...

Mythical Jakrit

The Mythical Jakrit came out of hiding shortly after we were alerted to the presence of the Woodland Jakrit. It seems an equivalent exchange has been made and now we are graced with this new mythical being! Because their horns never stop growing, they take great care in filing them down. Be ready to invest in some beauty products if you decide to become friends with this wonderful being.

Woodland Snow JarRandomly Picked Jakrit Morphing PotoinMythical Snow Jar

There are a few ways to get these Jakrits if you so please. As usual, you can find the Mythical Snow Jar stocking in the I.C.E. Shop at 500 IC (450 for Gold Account Users). You can find the Woodland Snow Jar and the Woodland Jakrit Morphing Potion restocking in the Snow Jar Igloo, while the latter will also stock in the I.C.E.Shop at 500 IC (450 for Gold Account Users). Please note that the Woodland Jakrit Morphing Potion will be removed from both places on April 1st, thus becoming available only from a Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion. Get yours today before it becomes a game of chance!

Can't see the updated art? Try a hard refresh with Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5.

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