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» Reshaped Stamps
Posted by IcePets Day 145, Year 10 (12th Mar 20)
@ 11:45:58 IST

Grape Jelly Biscuit StampSweets StampToys Stamp

It's that time of the year where everything seems to have hit refresh. The leaves are appearing on the trees, the flowers are coming back and the baby Pets come out to play. Even our local shop owners are busy spring cleaning, refreshing these lovely stamps! Take a walk over to Yogi's Post Office and get these freshly revamped stamps for yourself. The Grape Jelly Biscuit Stamp, Sweets Stamp, Toys Stamp, Organic Fruit Stamp and Literary Stamp have all received a clean, new look! Display them in your Stamp Collection today, or why not send a few to a friend to wish them a happy Spring.

Literary StampOrganic Fruit Stamp

Can't see the updated art? Fear not, just try a hard refresh with Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5. That should solve the problem!

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