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Posted by IcePets Day 136, Year 10 (3rd Mar 20)
@ 11:24:26 IST

Toon MakoatToon Makoat Morphing Potion

Looks like this cute little Toon Makoat has found their way to Terrafrost, funded by @Nexinhah. You can get one of your very own by restocking the Toon Snow Jar or the Toon Makoat Morphing Potion from the Snow Jar Igloo.

Storm CobronStorm Cobron Morphing Potion

This smart-looking Storm Cobron, funded by @POURRITURE, has also arrived. The Storm Cobron Morphing Potion and the Storm Snow Jar won't be found at the Snow Jar Igloo, however. Instead, you'll find them in Treasure Chests, which can be obtained by making a single purchase of IceCash at $10 or more from our Support Site.

Both of these wonderful new Pets will be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IC (450 IC for Gold Account Users) until the end of the month. Go and make some lightning!


Love these user requests? You can get one for yourself here!

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