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» Happy Amourok!
Posted by IcePets Day 114, Year 10 (10th Feb 20)
@ 00:07:41 IST

Amourok Banner 1

Terrafrost is covered in paint! You may have noticed some vandals running around at night, carrying paint buckets and splashing paint everywhere. All over, Terrafrostians have spotted Toon Pets singing jingles and covering buildings in greyscale, while Rainbow Pets retaliate with saturated colours of the rainbow. No one was sure what started this commotion, but one Terrafrostian overheard two Pets arguing. It turns out this redecorating of our lovely Terrafrost is due to our resident Toon Pets feeling left out and taking it upon themselves to add some Toon flair to Terrafrost! This upset the Rainbow Pets, as they love Terrafrost the way it is. Now, both Pets are in the midst of a huge argument.

Toon Snow Jar Uhm... Plushies Rainbow Snow Jar

Of course, Toon Pets believe that a world without colour is the better choice, while Rainbow Pets vehemently disagree. They know that a world full of bright and saturated colours is the way to live! Neither team seems ready to back down and a compromise seems impossible at the moment. It looks like our annual Amourok festival is back again with the Clash of Colours! Each Terrafrostian will be given a team by visiting the Amourok Sign Up page. However, the two self-declared leaders of this year's event would like to speak directly to you. It looks like the they have something to say!

Toon XephyrRainbow Makoat

Voxiet the Toon Xephyr is quite crafty and mischievous, bringing along an entire bag of tricks to thwart those pesky attempts from the Rainbow Pets. They would like anyone joining their team to know, "Just 'cause those overly bright Rainbow Pets think they're the center of attention doesn't mean we'll be losin' this fight! Join up with us Toon Pets and help us paint the town white! And black, and grey."

However, Afhert the Rainbow Makoat isn't taking this lightly! They have been stacking paint cans and strategizing for days, figuring out the best places to paint and when to avoid getting caught. To their potential teammates, they want to make it very clear that "We will not be losing to any Toon Pets! They think their silly antics will make them a shoo-in to win, but we Rainbow Pets have a foolproof plan that will not fail! When we win, we will cover every inch of Terrafrost in the most vibrant and saturated colours known to us!"

Classic Full HeartColourful Full Heart

Empty Heart Fragment 1Empty Heart Fragment 2Empty Heart Fragment 3Empty Heart Fragment 4

After joining a side, you can start collecting Empty Heart Fragments to build hearts and earn points for your team! They will start appearing in NPC Shops, Quest rewards, and Heart Breaker. You can piece them together to create Classic Full Hearts or Colourful Full Hearts, depending on what team you've been assigned. If you are one lucky ducky, you may find Full Hearts floating around the site!

Amourok Banner 2

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