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Posted by IcePets Day 102, Year 10 (29th Jan 20)
@ 08:36:12 IST

Plushie Makoat PlushiePlushie Lugra Plushie

Some brand new User Requests appear in the grass. Check out these gorgeous new releases, Plushie Makoat Plushie and Plushie Lugra Plushie funded by @Nexinhah and @mochihugs respectively. They restock at Plushie Mania and are given out as prizes from the Book Quest. But watch out, Samuel's going to want them for his Plushie Quest in one week.

Dot Painting Ducky

The beautiful little Dot Painting Ducky, funded by @POURRITURE, restocks at the Toy Shop or you might get lucky and find it as a reward from Samuel's Plushie Quest. Be warned though, you'll be turning it for Space Quest in one week.

Pinata CobronPinata Cobron Morphing Potion

Last but not least, the darling little Pinata Cobron has arrived! I wonder what secrets they have to tell you. This amazing pet was funded by @POURRITURE. You can find the Pinata Cobron Morphing Potion restocking at the Snow Jar Igloo but if you just have to have one now, they'll be in the I.CE Shop for the rest of the month at 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Account Users). It will remain there until the end of February.

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