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» User Request Price Updates
Posted by IcePets Day 87, Year 10 (14th Jan 20)
@ 07:38:51 IST

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If you visited the requests page recently, you may have noticed an increase in cost of items you can purchase. This is due to an increase in pay for our artists and staff. Artists were previously paid only $3 USD for their Item art. It can take hours for a proper piece of work to come into play and after many years we have been able to increase this to now $7 USD per Item produced. All other artwork has increased in price as well; including for example pets going from $20 USD to the artist to $30 USD. The prices reflect artist cost, paypal fees, and about $2 USD to the site.

Our summary page is still being fine tuned, but soon you will be able to see all expenses in detail. We will also be including a list of how much each team member can earn based on their work once the page is finished. Most still prefer IceCash; however, USD is now an option for everyone. This is all in a huge part thanks to everyone here and your support!

After reading this you may be wondering about a programmer and updates on alpha. We have someone who is interested in working for us to help get alpha in action; however, we are still working out some details. As we have more news to share, we'll keep you all posted.

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If you are interested in working for IcePets you can always view openings through the support site.

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If you missed the live stream of @Shibe, one of our outstanding artists, you can now view it on YouTube. You can watch her colour two of our upcoming Pets!

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