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Posted by IcePets Day 82, Year 10 (9th Jan 20)
@ 09:21:59 IST

Confetti 1

Sunset ParfaitMoonbeam GunColourful Projector Lamp

Another week of festivities in Terrafrost begins, as Pinata Mania changes its consolation prizes. The old ones will no longer be given out, but keep an eye out for some shiny new prizes.

Get smashing!

Twilight Bath BombDusk Lugra Plushie

Confetti 1

Mythical Snow Jar Plushie

During their travels, a couple Terrafrostians decided to fund some new items for everyone to enjoy. @POURRITURE worked closely with Samuel to fund a new plushie, the Mythical Snow Jar Plushie. It will be stocking in the Plushie Mania. One week from now, Samuel will be requesting it in his Plushie Quest. Penelope is also very excited to reward it in her Book Quest.


Afterwards, @POURRITURE worked with Jacob to create the new Cubed Snow Jar Ice Cube. Freeze a Cubed Snow Jar to get one today!

“Cottoncandy “Blooming “Fairy

@Nexinhah, during a lovely walk, discovered some new Herji and coaxed them into finding a new home at Jacobi’s Companion Reserve. You can now find the Cottoncandy, Blooming, Fairy, Winter, and Patchwork Herji patiently waiting to find their forever home!

“Winter “Patchwork

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