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Posted by IcePets Day 77, Year 10 (4th Jan 20)
@ 12:51:01 IST


Fireworks DuckyPrankster Dabu Pinata 2020Fireworks Stamp

Our resident Shopkeepers received their latest shipment and will be stocking (with the exception of Golden Touch and Snow Jar Igloo) all of the 2020 Pinatas until January 23rd. Pinatas will also be added to quest prize pools until January 23rd . Some returning Items are also making their debut as quests rewards! Check out your Quest Rewards Books to see who is showing up where. You will also find the Firework Ducky, New Years Hat, New Years Eve Rocket Stamp, Fireworks Earrings, New Years Necklace, and Firework Ice Cube restocking in their respective NPC shops. Go forth and good luck getting your hands on these various Items!

Stream Supporter

IcePets will also have an art stream showcasing the progress on some new pets on January 11th at 12:00:00 IcePets time. You can watch it on our Twitch channel and earn yourself a nifty avatar!


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