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Posted by IcePets Day 70, Year 10 (28th Dec 19)
@ 10:10:05 IST


Cobron SoapSnowman Ducky

Yet another exciting year is drawing to a close and to help send us off, some lovely User-funded Items have made their way to our shops! The brilliant Cobron Soap is sure to liven up any room, while the adorable Snowman Ducky is here and ready to hunker down for the rest of the cold winter season! These new additions were funded by @Megrim and @Silvy, respectively.

The Cobron Soap can be found on the shelves of the Grooming Parlour, while the Snowman Ducky can be found restocking in the Toy Shop. The Snowman Ducky will also be rewarded by the Plushie Quest and will be requested by the Space Quest in one week.



To celebrate the coming end of the decade, Gabrielle has been working extra hard this holiday season and is now restocking Christmas Snow Jars at an even lower rarity! You can continue to find them at the Snow Jar Igloo until December 31st, 11:59:59 Icepets Time.


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