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Posted by IcePets Day 37, Year 10 (25th Nov 19)
@ 17:51:01 IST

TeamworkTeam IcePets UniformStaff Staff

We would like to extend a thank you to everyone for being so patient during this transition. As mentioned in the previous news post, we'll address some of the changes that we're implementing moving forward. Judda is stepping back from most programming for the site. In addition, IcePets will be changing its business model. This new model is based on three main pillars:

- Monthly financial reports, including income and expenses, will be published to improve transparency and accountability.
- Our financial goals and expectations will be shared to ensure that all our Users know where the money (from IceCash purchases, etc) is going. There will be no spoilers for future features, however!
- IcePets will rely solely on its own profits to ensure its sustainability. Icepets will continue to put all profits towards future site development. Unfortunately, this means if no profit is made, there will be no development.

The first full report will be provided in December. Our first priority is hiring at least one other programmer to finish up Alpha, which is estimated to cost between $1,500 and $2,000.

All money earned on IcePets always goes back into the site.

Additionally, we plan to open a developer log for programming updates between the live site and alpha. This will be independent of the current change log where smaller changes to the site have been noted. We want to assure everyone that Icepets will run the same, with improvments on the way. We have ample ideas for events, activities, and features we cannot wait to provide to you once Alpha is complete.

Account Upgrade: 1 MonthsRainbow Gift Box

Our annual Black Friday Sale is coming up with a few new additions. We have a bigger project planned for the holiday season that we're hoping everyone will enjoy! As a thank you for sticking with us through this rough patch we would like to extend the following:

Seven days of Gold Account time by clicking this link. You have until December 1st 23:59:59 (IcePets Time) to claim.

A mini quest bonus event starting Friday, November 29th until Monday, December 2nd. More details will be released when the quest event starts.

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