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Posted by IcePrincess Day 30, Year 10 (18th Nov 19)
@ 12:54:41 IST

Confused Code MonkeyCrazed Code Monkey

Recently, IcePets had been bought and transferred. Many of you saw the news post and were ready for the site to take a deep breath and push forward! Unfortunately, the life situation changed for Ace and he was unable to continue the project as he hoped. We understand this is a disappointment to all the Users, Staff feel it deeply as well.

Dedicated Code Monkey

After considering many options, @Judda agreed to take the site back from Ace so it wouldn't drift away into obscurity. No dusty black hole for IcePets! Although Judda will maintain ownership of IcePets, he will remain primarily as a consultant and provide some developer work.

Learning Code Monkey

Together as members of the community, we will strive to hire a programmer and finish up everything needed to see the alpha site become reality. The site may go down at some point before Tuesday, November 26th due to the transferring of the site ownership again. Regardless of when the site goes down, our goal is to be up and running operationally by November 26th.

Once IcePets is back, we will provide a more detailed explanation of what all these changes mean going forward. Every one of you are appreciated and your continued support means everything. One thing we can guarantee is we will always fight to keep IcePets available as a home away from home.

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